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How to Make a Room Box

If you don't have the time to furnish a whole dollhouse or the space to keep one, make a room box. A mini dollhouse is a great way to get started in a dollhouse hobby or to showcase miniatures.

Use a wooden box without a lid or a shadowbox frame for the dollhouse. The box should be scaled to the number of rooms you want to create. The most popular dollhouse scale is 1/12. For a single room, use a box at least 12 inches wide by 8 to 10 inches high. Choose a depth based on the amount of furniture and accessories you want to add.

Choose a theme for your room box. Decide whether the room will be a kitchen, bedroom or other area, or a combination of rooms. Look at pictures and dollhouse furnishings for inspiration. The room could be a replica of a historic home or a room in your own house.

Draw windows or doorways in your room box. Cut them out with a utility knife. Cut pieces of wood to size to use as walls or loft ceilings within the box. Glue them in place.

Paint the walls of the box or adhere wallpaper to the walls with wallpaper paste. Keep scale in mind when you decorate your room box. Some "life-size" patterns will look too big in a miniature house.

Get a piece of carpet without a pattern. Cut it to size. Glue it to the bottom of the box with tacky glue. You could also use paper that looks like tile or craft sticks. Cut off the rounded ends and glue into place to make plank flooring.

Create drapes and linens from scrap fabric. To make hems, fold the fabric over and glue with fabric glue.

Purchase miniature furniture or build it from kits. Add accessories like pictures, pillows, lamps and vases.



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