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How to Buy a Dollhouse Kit

It seems like such a simple thing to buy and build. However, there are many things to consider before you make a purchase of a dollhouse kit to build.

There are dollhouse kits that have three or four rooms up to very elaborate dollhouses with ten or twelve rooms. More rooms usually means that more time, detail and effort will be needed to assemble or construct the dollhouse from the kit. Also, consider if this dollhouse will actually be played with by a child or if this will be primarily for display purposes.

Plan if you want to purchase a dollhouse kit that may have finished walls and staircases included in the kit or if you want to decorate each room independently. The décor of the various rooms can be very time consuming and costly. Read the contents list of the dollhouse kits for comparison to see what is included as far as finishing touches. Decide what scale size of dollhouse that you want as a finished project. Determine if you will be able to furnish the dollhouse with furniture and accessories based on the scale size dollhouse kit you decide to purchase and build. The most popular scale is 1/12 (1:12), which means 1 inch on the dollhouse equals 1 foot on a real house. There are smaller scales, but these get more difficult to construct and furnish.

View the dollhouses on display at Pat’s Village Miniatures. If the dollhouse kits you are considering are on display, this is an excellent way to determine which dollhouse kit would be best to buy. Even bring a tape measure with you to compare the measurements to the dimensions listed on the box to see if they are what you visualized them to be.

Dollhouses have been a popular hobby for many years and Pat’s Village Miniatures specialize in dollhouse kits, furnishings and décor.



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